Gose Beer

Beer doesn’t have to be complicated.

You can enjoy a few cold lagers comfortably at home and call it a day. But beer goes deeper than you think. Take the red pill and plunge into the world of craft beer to explore the boundless possibilities on offer. A journey that will open your palate to new experiences and widen the way you look at beer. You’ll never be the same, guaranteed..


The Brewers Association, a dedicated bunch of beer professionals, list over 150 different beers styles, unique and distinctive. It would take a lifetime to taste them all. Do you know a better way to spend your time?

The Beer Judge Certification Program also compiled quite an extensive guide of beer styles, available online and free to print; not your usual light reading.

Craft brewers create new styles every day while honoring centuries-old recipes. ales, stouts, lagers, pilsners, from A to Z, there’s something for everyone. As you see, you can dig deep into beer, and the best way is popping open a few examples.

Where to start? Well, here’s a suggestion. From the vast list of beers, a category stands out for its mystical aura, the Historical Beers. Amongst them, there’s Gose.

Gose is a German beer without parallel. Originated in the middle ages near the Gose river, the wheat-based beer relies on the addition of salt and coriander to shape its distinct flavors. Brewers also allow lactobacillus bacteria to expand the aromatic profile and add mouthwatering acidity to the beer.

The salty, tangy, beer became the signature style of the city of Leipzig, 100 miles southwest of Berlin. Sadly, World War II led to a halt in its production and Gose became a ghost. The 20th century witnessed several attempts of a Gose revival, and today, it’s finally produced, not only in Germany but in the rest of the world.Westbrook Brewing Company, down in South Carolina, makes one of the most popular contemporary Gose.

California’s Anderson Valley Brewing Company is also well versed in the style. Although harder to find, German breweries like Bayerischer Bahnhof, offer the original Leipziger Gose, and it’s as good as it gets. Today, everyone produces Gose; it’s trendy, and with good reason.Let’s stay honest, Gose is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a style you have to try at least once. Gose is light, refreshing and fantastic with food. In a way, it’s a new exciting style, it’s also a classic old school brew. It’s old and new. Do you need more excuses to go try one?

Add Gose to your rotation amaze friends and family and spread the love.


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